domingo, 23 de septiembre de 2012

What is most needed today

What is most needed today is a reexamination of Strauss’s thought that avoids the salacious gossip, distorted caricatures, and strained rationalizations that have defined many recent works on Strauss and his students. We also need a better understanding of Strauss’s relationship to the neocons. Most importantly, Strauss cannot be either refuted or defended if he has not been understood properly. Thus we have attempted to read Strauss with the kind of care that his work deserves, and we have also labored to understand and present his perspective on its own terms (i.e., as he understood it himself), eschewing the roles of either fawning toady or foaming critic. We began our study of Strauss by neither taking him for granted, as do so many of his students, nor by rejecting his premises out of hand, as do so many of his detractors. Like the great political philosophers that he studied, Strauss deserves to be examined with seriousness and respect, and we have attempted to do just that. 


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