viernes, 18 de marzo de 2016

Knowledge Matters

Knowledge Matters is a campaign to make building knowledge Job One for American education.

Nearly every major educational goal—from improving reading comprehension and critical thinking to problem solving and creativity—is knowledge based. Without a solid foundation of content knowledge built from the first days of school, higher academic standards and better student outcomes will not be achieved. Fifty years of research definitively shows that knowledge is vital to language comprehension—the starting line for all other learning and analysis. Broad, shared knowledge is vital to citizenship, too, yet the curriculum of many schools has narrowed. To address this challenge, we must ensure that history, science, geography, art, music, and more are generously taught to all students, especially those least likely to gain such knowledge outside school.

Knowledge Matters

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  1. Oiga don Gregorio. Que llevan 31 años diciéndome que los contenidos huelgan y que, como el cañón del que hablaban los hegelianos, con enseñar a papar el aire ya los churumbeles tienen bastante. Gracias inmensas desde Estepona que podría ser Cataluña,pero no lo es.



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