lunes, 22 de enero de 2018

Mis espías siempre vuelven

Me escribe Boris Volodarsky, que me proporcionó información relevante para mi libro sobre Caridad Mercader. Esto es lo que me dice:
Dear Mr. Luri, 
I have read your piece about Carmen Brufau with great interest. In Moscow you probably talked to General Vitaly Pavlov and he, of course, could not tell you anything of any value about his former agent.  
She was recruited in Barcelona by Naum Eitingon (codenamed TOM) with the help of Caridad Mercader. He was heading the NKVD substation in Catalonia. Please have a look at my book Stalin's Agent (Oxford, 2015). 
I wonder what documents related to Carmen's activities you managed to dig up in Switzerland. 
Please advise.
Kind regards,
Dr Boris Volodarsky, LSE
Esto es lo que cuenta Volodarsky en su Stalin's Agent sobre Carmen Brufau:

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