martes, 9 de septiembre de 2014

Con lo que costaba decir penícula...

y va y se dice flim.

Vean ustedes

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  1. "King Canute did not command the tide to reverse in a fit of delusional arrogance.[10] His intent that day, if the incident even happened, was most likely to prove a point to members of his privy council that no man is all-powerful, and we all must bend to forces beyond our control, such as the tides"

    Me recuerda a Platón al esbozar la ciudad ideal en La República.

  2. "There is a legend that Marco Polo imported pasta from China which originated with the Macaroni Journal, published by an association of food industries with the goal of promoting the use of pasta in the United States"

    Macaroni Journal, not a trustable source for pasta scholars...



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