jueves, 29 de agosto de 2013

El encierro, en Virginia

Aunque no es eso, no es eso...

For some, life just isn’t complete without partaking in a beer-soaked rodeo and food fight modeled after a centuries-old Spanish tradition. And so on August 24, the inaugural Great Bull Run thundered into central Virginia, the first of nine such events that will take place in cities nationwide between now and next summer. The franchise aims to bring a taste of Pamplona, Spain’s famous San Fermin Festival to the United States, on the premise that being chased through a crowd by a herd of livestock is just so thrilling that it ought to be commercialized, made accessible, bottled, and sold to anyone over the age of eighteen who can sign a waiver.

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  1. Propongo correr los sanfermines en el bajo Manhattan: entre los callejones de Wall Street.
    Su toro de bronce estaría entusiasmado, entre tanta res desbocada!

    H. Ambossat.

  2. ¡Muy bueno lo de "no es eso, no es eso"!

    Ya podían ir así de desahogadas las calles de Pamplona.

  3. Habrá un día en que todos / al levantar la vista / veamos unas calles / que pongan San Fermín.


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