lunes, 18 de noviembre de 2013

Doris no quiere ser "dama"

En 1992 el gobierno británico le ofreció a Doris Lessing el título de "Dama" del Imperio. Ella rechazó el honor en esta carta dirigida a Alex Allan, Secretario Privado del Primer Ministro John Major: 

24th November, 1992
Dear Alex Allan, 
I am sorry I did not reply earlier, but I was in the States. 
Thank you for offering me this honour: I am very pleased. But for some time now I have been wondering, "But where is this British Empire?" Surely, there isn't one. And now I see that I am not the only one saying the same. 
There is something ruritannical about honours given in the name of a non-existent Empire. 
And there is another thing. When young I did my best to undo that bit of the British Empire I found myself in: that is, old Southern Rhodesia. 
And surely there is something unlikeable about a person, when old, accepting honours from a institution she attacked when young? 
And pleasant to be a dame! I would adore it. Dame of what? 
Dame of Britain? Dame of the British Islands? Dame of the British Commonwealth? Dame of ....? Never mind. 
Please forgive my churlishness. I am sorry, I really am. 
Yours sincerely, 
Doris Lessing

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