viernes, 16 de mayo de 2014

Marx y Crimea

At times Marx’s hostility to Europe’s reactionary regimes led him to bizarre extremes. An ardent opponent of Russian autocracy who campaigned for a revolutionary war against Russia in 1848–1849, he was dismayed by Britain’s indecisive handling of the Crimean War. Denouncing the opposition to the war of leading British radicals, Marx went on to claim that Britain’s faltering foreign policies were due to the fact that the prime minister, Lord Palmerston, was a paid agent of the Russian tsar, one of a succession of traitors occupying positions of power in Britain for over a century—an accusation he reiterated over several years in a succession of newspaper articles reprinted by his daughter Eleanor as The Secret Diplomatic History of the Eighteenth Century.

Merece la pena echarle una ojeada a esta reseña de The New York Review of Books. ¿A que no sabían ustedes que 5 años antes de escribir el Manifiesto Comunista, don Carlos Marx era partidario de acabar con el emergente comunismo a cañonazos?

Una pérfida máquinaria totalitaria

"Es casi imposible haber pasado por las Brigadas Internacionales de España, que eran una pérfida maquinaria totalitaria, y salir libre...